We provide you the power to see your entire fleet at one time. You can watch locations, speeds, and driving patterns. Fleet management has never been easier. Our software allows you to have complete control over dispatching and fleet efficiency. Monitor your entire team from any smartphone, tablet or computer and begin to see the savings rack up. You can monitor employees driving patterns with notifications of speeding, unauthorized use of vehicles, and even engine idling. You will be able to see a gas savings of 5% to 15%. This will enable you to limit liabilities, and decrease driving related expenses. You may even be eligible for corporate insurance discounts (talk to your insurance provider for more information). Every business has to face large expenses in vehicle maintenance. With our solutions you will be able to analyze miles, maintenance, oil changes, tire rotations, and other similar trackable expenses. Proper preventative maintenance can save lots of money in repairs. You are also able to set boundaries in the software that provide notifications when the vehicle has left their zone. With all of these features you will quickly see the return on your initial investment.
Never wonder where your equipment is ever again. Our system will provide you with real time location data so that you can pin point exactly where your equipment is located. Did you rental customer tell you the job site was in Orlando, Fl but the equipment is in Alabama, now you will be able to see this on one dashboard. This will help track down stolen equipment, and provide you piece of mind. You can track any piece of equipment you choose, from trailers, to tractors, dumpsters to 40' containers, you will never question where your inventory is again. Make inventory management easier than ever with us.
We all worry about our teenagers as they hit the road, and now you can worry a little less. You will be able to monitor speed, location, and driving styles. This will allow you to train them to conserve fuel, and monitor maintenance. Mitigate your driving expenses that are new driver related with our software as well as the peace of mind of knowing exactly where your teenager is at all times.

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