It does not matter what industry you are in if you need to track equipment, people or expenses related to fleets, we have a solution that will work for you. Our devices and software are amazing and your bottom line will be thankful you made the decision to keep tabs on everything. For some specific industry examples please use the tabs below.

Leave waste and liability in the past with our dispatching and fleet management tools. Our systems will track maintenance and help minimize costly repairs with reminders that work. Increase security, accountability and communication and watch your profits soar.
If you are a Limo, Taxi or delivery based company we have options that will work for you. The Calamp LMU-3030 provides you vehicle diagnostic interface data, track vehicle speed and location, plus detect hard braking, cornering, acceleration and capture pre and post-impact data. This data will allow you to streamline routes, receive alerts when drivers leave their designated areas and monitor employees driving habits. As a fleet manager you will be in full control to ensure your staffs safety and monitor expenses. You may even see a fuel savings of 5-15%.
We understand that from time to time budget cuts are necessary. Our systems can allow you to save money off the bottom line as well as protecting the men and women who serve. If vehicles are left idling, or leave their designated area you will be alerted. This allows for fuel savings, and accountability that will save your department money.
Using vehicle usage analysis we are able to drill down to where your money is leaking out of your bottom line. Through precision monitoring, we measure speed and acceleration patterns, fuel usage and can also track vehicle maintenance. We then break down into reports all of the data so that you can eliminate waste and unnecessary overhead. You can monitor everything ongoing so that you can maintain your savings over time.
We understand that construction is a tough job. You have to maintain a large inventory of equipment, trucks and employees. Our software allows you to monitor your equipment, vehicles, and other assets. Minimize theft and mitigate expenses with our software system that allows you to see placement of your equipment and vehicles in real time. You can monitor speed, and maintenance of your vehicles as well. Our system will allow you to see a decrease in maintenance costs and over all expenses.